Barista Who?

Elle Nguyen - The Barista of Latte Art LoveHello. I’m The Barista and I love creating latte art more than I love drinking coffee –
Now, THAT is a lot of love!

I have been a barista for over ten years – trained in traditional Italian coffee by one of Calgary’s best in the Coffee Industry.

Coffee is more than just a culinary treat to me. Coffee is both a product of chemistry and culinary art and I balance these two elements to ensure beautiful, delicious, and unforgettable coffees are served to guests at our events.

Currently, I am only focusing on Italian style coffee. I love Italian coffee recipes and our Italian machinery that we use to craft our libations. Every day I experiment with different elements (temperature, pressure, coffee grind size, milk, time, etc) to improve and refine our own coffee recipes.

Did you know I make my own chocolate sauce?
When I first started creating coffee art, I used Ghirardelli Chocolate Sauce but the consistency of this art medium wasn’t as pliable as I wanted it to be. So, I began experimenting and eventually developed the perfect chocolate sauce to draw coffee art!

You may have seen one of my art pieces! I’ve been featured in:

Barista Services

Latte Artist Service

♥ $125 + gst for the first hour
♥ includes all coffee and coffee supplies
♥ coffee menu includes lattes and mochas served in ceramic mugs
♥ 5 to 8 latte art pieces per hour
♥ requires access to electricity
♥ $45 + gst per additional hour

Barista Workshop 101

♥ $45 + gst per person
♥ 120 min interactive tutorial on latte creation & latte art practice
♥ includes one bag of coffee beans & milk for workshop
♥ hands-on tutorial with commercial grade equipment
♥ on-location tutorial and venue options available (additional fees may apply)

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