Hello! I’m The Barista.

Hello, I'm the Barista.

Elle Nguyen, Founder

Elle Nguyen - The Barista of Latte Art Love

Like a lot of baristas, I began my Barista Life at a mainstream coffee shop franchise. Coffee Life drummed slowly onwards until one day I stumbled upon a beautiful Italian espresso machine and it stole my heart. That thief!

… and so I ran and ran and haven’t stop running to explore the wonders of the Coffee Universe. I learned so much on my many coffee adventures. Along the way, I teamed up with The Engineer and together we continue to improve our Coffee Box, a wondrous, travel-to-anywhere modular-like cafe.

Our love for coffee is rooted mostly in Italian style espressos and lattes, where coffee is extracted with high temperature and pressure to create delicious works of coffee art. 

For over a decade, I have been experimenting with so many different coffee recipes to find the most delicious and artful way to share my love of coffee. It is this balance of coffee science and art that attracts our coffee lovers!

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