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COFFEE has become an integral part of bringing people together for any special occasion – be it birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, house parties, weddings, or any CELEBRATION with friends and family.

Latte Art Love
The Love & Art of Coffee:
Coffee prepared with extra care
and artistic flare

Making coffee has expanded past the simple coffee pot and has extended into a REFINEMENT and APPRECIATION of flavours from all around the world. With Latte Art Love coffee catering and espresso bar services, you can bring this part of Coffee Culture into your home or venue to share with your guests.

On top of competitively great tasting coffee, a Latte Art Love specialty drink is an unique example of FOOD ART. Our baristas can handcraft pieces of drinkable art right into every cup. Our baristas are trained to perform both classically poured latte art and coffee sketching with chocolate syrup to create CUSTOM DESIGNS to fit the theme of any event.

At your next event, have Latte Art Love coffee catering and espresso bar services serve your guests specialty drinks that will spark interesting CONVERSATIONS and create MEMORIES.

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The Barista

Elle Nguyen, owner of Latte Art Love, has an unwavering passion for coffee and Coffee Culture. They both built their foundations as baristas by working at the same cafe – experimenting, improving, and enjoying the process of making specialty coffee.

The coffee knowledge of this dynamic duo was developed via the Scientific Method of observation, experimentation, and testing, and strengthened with training from Fratello Coffee, a cup of latte by either one of these coffee enthusiasts is definitely a treat for the palate.

By understanding the science and process behind espresso coffee, Elle were able to design unique presentations of food art, creating conversational icebreakers for coffee lovers.

Each and every cup of latte or cappuccino that Elle draws latte art in sends little shockwaves of joy through her heart that even her customers feel.

They understand that coffee is more than just a purveyor of energy and kick. Coffee time is an opportunity to connect with people – friends, family, co-workers, or even strangers – to spark conversations and building stronger connections and communities.

Elle Nguyen

ElleElle has been trained by a local roaster on coffee tasting and by a local coffeehouse on barista services during her university years. After she left university and entered the real world workforce, she continued with latte art at home and her skills exploded!

Since 2008, Elle has been creating art with milk foam and espresso. She started with “pouring” the art, but coffee etching is where she excels the most.

Read more about Elle and her coffee in
Elle’s Barista Diary

Thank You!

Latte Art Love began as a Kickstarter Project to gauge interest in the idea of a specialty coffee pop up cafe for events and functions. The concept of a professional manned center of Coffee Art and Culture was so well received by the community that Latte Art Love blossomed into a full-fledged business in less than half a year!

Thank you so much for supporting local business and art!

In-Kind Supporters
Code Kitty Design
Eye Squared Productions
Yeats Magic Co.
Yann Haute Patisserie

Project Pledgers
Aaron S.
Aman Dhalay
Andy Tenham
Donna McTaggart
Marcus Leja
Maria Elena Hoover
Virginia Quon



Venue Partner

ARCHEloft is an open collaborative space where its core members – The Catalysts – work and facilitate community workshops and events. Fully immersed in the maker movement, ARCHEloft believes that making and creativity are ways of life.

ARCHEloft is open to regular members and drop-ins to work on projects and have access to shared tools and equipment. Come in, see our space, have a coffee, and get a handmade gift.

For more information, call 403.532.7800 or visit ARCHEloft

Visit Website: Giuseppe - Personal Chef

Caterer Partner
Giuseppe Piruzza is a personal chef based in Bragg Creek, Alberta servicing the Calgary and surrounding area. He provides exquisite Italian food in a fine dining atmosphere. With his more than two decades of experience, he’s more than capable of creating flavor-filled Italian meals for all intimate and large group occasions.

Chef Giuseppe has a different idea of what catering should be, so he doesn’t want to be the largest caterer in the Calgary area. Instead, his focus is on bringing personalized attention to every single client bringing authentic Italian cuisine to the forefront of his guests. Chef Giuseppe strives to ensure your gatherings are unique and special – whether elegant, casual, organic, or even vegan. You share your vision and he will make it happen.

It is all a part of the personal chef difference you will experience with an artisan-style caterer.

To find out more about booking your next event, call 403.462.7898 or visit Personal Chef Giuseppe

Visit Website: Yeats Magic Co.

Entertainment Partner
Drawing from Calgary’s huge wealth of talent, Yeats Magic Co. brings professional entertainers to your event.

  • Stage illusion
  • Comedy magicians
  • Kids magic
  • Birthday parties
  • Comedy Hypnosis
  • Strolling magic
  • Mentalism
  • Motivational magic
  • Corporate events

To find out more about booking your next event, call 403.244.8872 or contact us at


Aman Dhalay of Javeda
Event: Spring Trunk Sale

We would like to thank Latte Art Love Pop Up Cafe for an amazing coffee experience at Javeda’s 2014 Spring Trunk Sale. It was great to have specialty coffee available to our clients on the spot. The coffee was great coffee and the service was AMAZING!!! We will continue to have Latte Art Love at our future events. We highly recommend other businesses to have Latte Art Love for their events or parties.

Yvonne Corbeil, City of Calgary, United Way Fundraiser Coordinator
Event: United Way Fundraiser

“My favorite part of having a pop up was how the employees were engaging with each other. Everyone was super positive, excited to come down, and have a special treat. The staff has been asking me if we could do this on a monthly basis or to just have you back again. [The pop up cafe details] were super easy to deal with and [the event] was easy to organize. ”

Anne Barg, City of Calgary, United Way Fundraiser Volunteer
Event: United Way Fundraiser

“The service was very quick, very efficient. [Elle] is very, very good at what [she] does – [she’s] awesome.”

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"We would like to thank Latte Art Love for an amazing coffee experience."

Aman Dhalay of Javeda
Trunk Sale 2014