Mighty Monday: Supergirl

Latte Art - Supergirl

When I first started painting on Supergirl onto this morning’s latte, her face took up more than half the cup! You wouldn’t have been able to tell that it was Supergirl at all … so I gave up and swirled the drink around. Then, I realized that the foam was still holding up really well – maybe, I could start over?

Squealing ElleTa da! It worked out! The lines aren’t as crisp because the foam is a bit more decayed, but I could still work it!

Coffee: Fratello Coffee – Godfather

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Latte Artist Service

♥ $125 + gst for the first hour
♥ includes all coffee and coffee supplies
♥ coffee menu includes silky micro-foamed lattes only
♥ 5 to 8 latte art pieces per hour
♥ requires access to electricity
♥ $45 + gst per additional hour

Barista Workshop 101

♥ $65 + gst per person
♥ 120 min interactive tutorial on latte creation & latte art practice
♥ includes one bag of coffee beans & milk for workshop
♥ hands-on tutorial with commercial grade equipment
♥ on-location tutorial and venue options available (additional fees may apply)

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