Mighty Monday: Wonder Woman

Latte Art - Wonder Woman

It’s Mighty Monday with with Wonder Woman!

There’s actually a rosetta in the background of the chocolate sketching! I’m using a new pitcher with a more curved out spout, so the foam pours out easier than with my rigid spout pitcher. I don’t feel like I have to “throw” the foam when I’m pouring out latte art.

I still don’t have the smooth movements to make a rosetta perfect everything – my movements still feel like the laggy motions of a video trying to play over a super slow connection. Chug…chug…chug…smooth…chug… chug… sigh…

Do you love our Mighty Mondays! We are going to do Mighty Mondays all day on July 26th (a Saturday, hee hee) at the Endeavor Arts Pop-up Market.

You can come in and enjoy a cup of superhero themed latte art and participate in some workshops/tutorials from local makers/artists!

More info to come!

Coffee: Fratello Coffee – Godfather