What?! This isn’t Starbucks?

Latte Art - The Siren

It’s not like I don’t ever go to a Starbucks, but I don’t go to Starbucks because I’m expecting good coffee. I go to a Starbucks because it’s convenient and I want something sugary – I don’t expect good coffee at all. In fact, I expect flat espresso and crunchy, tasteless milk foam masked by sweet caramel and whipping cream. It’s like topping up freezer burnt ice cream with whipping cream, sprinkles, chocolate, and whatever you can hide the taste with.

Latte Art - The Siren

This is the first latte in our new cappucino cups! As you can see, they are perfect. The espresso has less surface area to cover when it is poured into the cup, so the crema lasts long and creates that beautiful darker colored ring around the drink.

Coffee: Rosso Coffee Roasters – Rwanda (Kivu Kanzu, Bourbon, Washed espresso beans)

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