The Beta Test – Javeda’s Spring Trunk Sale 2014

Start small …

Latte Art Love - Javeda Spring Trunk Sale

I had a small but fantastic espresso machine. I had a general outline for a great coffee business, but I didn’t know what the interest was like for a unique cafe like mine. My pop up cafe promoting Coffee Culture is a new concept here in Calgary, AB. Most mobile cafes don’t have the same vision that Latte Art Love does: to bring people together with great coffee and art.

So, how much interest was there for events to bring in a pop up cafe to add conversation and inspiration to their atmosphere?
I had to know …

Thankfully, a close friend of mine was willing to try out my idea for her client function – Javeda’s Spring Trunk Sale. Without purchasing anything more than a coffee grinder and a table, I catered the event for two days with equipment that I already owned.

“We would like to thank Latte Art Love Pop Up Cafe for an amazing coffee experience at Javeda’s 2014 Spring Trunk Sale. It was great to have specialty coffee available to our clients on the spot. The coffee was great coffee and the service was AMAZING!!! We will continue to have Latte Art Love at our future events. We highly recommend other businesses to have Latte Art Love for their events or parties.”

-Aman Dhalay of Javeda

Latte Art - Company Logo - JavedaCatering this trunk sale was a success! I was able to keep up with customer traffic and provide each person with Javeda themed latte art. I even came out ahead in sales and every customer appreciated that extra service that a barista powered coffee bar offered – the experience is miles more entertaining and engaging than an automatic machine.

This was the start of something spectacular …