Come Along, Pond

Latte Art - Doctor Who - Amelia Pond

Crying ElleI was a bit unprepared this morning as I was trying to squeeze in a latte before I ran out for a morning gig with Make Fashion. So, once I finished my latte art, I reached over for my camera and discovered that it wasn’t anywhere close by! I spent ten minutes searching for it and came back to this sunk in, blurry coffee etch. I’m going to have to make another Pond!

I sketched this one out yesterday with pen and paper before I turned the art into a coffee etch. She’s a chibi-sized Amy Pond in her police kiss-o-gram costume, twirling her toy TARDIS.

While rushing this latte, I did break the crema surface while it was extracting, so the color is much lighter than I’d prefer. I also plopped the milk into the espresso shot a little too quickly, lightening up the color even more.

I underestimated the etch size, so the gingerbread silhouette is a little too big for Mrs. Pond. Ya….I’m definitely going to give it another go!

Coffee: Fratello Coffee – Godfather