Whovian Mocktails

Whovian Mocktails September 2015


“Always take a banana to a party, Rose.
Bananas are good.”

That’s right! Ha! Arrive with banana or banana(s) in hand and prepare to indulge in our banana mini treat bar or use it in one of our mocktails!

In partnership with Spirit Of The Wench, we are holding a workshop in Doctor Who themed cocktails (non-alcoholic). Wendy of Spirit of the Wench will walk you through the recipes and you get to choose one to make and enjoy! Want to try them all – each additional mocktail is $5.

Arche Loft – #200, 1209 First Street SW

Ticket: $25 per person

Don’t forget: Our workshops always include bottomless coffee and/or tea and are all ages friendly.

SEPTEMBER 25th, 2015
6:30 PM

ARCHE LOFT – #200, 1209 First Street SW
(not handicap accessible – please contact us so we can make arrangements to accomodate)

All tickets come with bottomless cups of coffee or tea & one mocktailPurchase Your Ticket:


Participate in one mocktail workshop of your choice

per person

Participate in two mocktail workshops of your choice

per person

Participate in three mocktail workshops of your choice

per person

In Partnership with Spirit of the Wench

spiritofthewenchWho We Are

Spirit of the Wench is a professional cocktail resource guide that is an approachable spirit-driven haven for the fun-loving adult looking to explore the world of spirits. It is the only Canadian-centric site offering advice from professionally-trained bartenders who are dedicated to delving into new territory on behalf of the passionate drinker.

What We Do

We delight the passionate libations explorer by sharing trends, products, advice and tips from industry leaders. We also host fun and interactive classes, workshops and events at our facility in Calgary, Alberta.

How We Came To Be

Spirit of the Wench was founded in 2010 as a Calgary-based cocktail blog. Our name was coined at a whiskey tasting when our Creator & Resident Bartender, Wendy, first began exploring the wonderful world of spirits with fellow spirits lover, John Smiley.

We take our definition of “wench” from Urban Dictionary:

A voluptuous female pirate type woman, usually with a fiery attitude, and usually seen around taverns and bars, seaside fishing towns, and wherever pirates roam.

Wendy’s passion and curiosity for cocktail making grew from blog to private events, which lead to the transformation of Spirit of the Wench from a writing project on the side into a business she’s excited to pour herself into every day.

Creator & Resident Bartender

Wendy Peters, aka “Jean Collins” has over a decade of marketing, event planning and hosting experience. Her love of a well mixed cocktail began 5 years ago when she began working with to the build the Yelp community in Calgary as its first community manager. She has worked with dozens of Calgary restaurants and bars to engage and delight Calgarians with the budding food and cocktail scene in the city.

Last year, Wendy took a year-long sabbatical to explore food, drinks and culture around the world, travelling through 14 countries across 5 continents. Her curiosity and previous foray into cocktails and events sparked a desire for more formal training, and she completed a 4-week intensive bartending course at the world-renowned European Bartending School in Amsterdam.

Wendy’s passion and reputation for creating out-of-the-box, engaging experiences continue as the Creator & Resident Bartender at Spirit of the Wench.

Website: Spirit Of The Wench


The Loft Tea Party is an event series pioneered by Latte Art Love with a focus on building social connections.

Latte Art Love, ringmaster of The Loft Tea Party events, is a pop up espresso bar catering service, specializing in bringing the Coffee Culture of a coffee house to any special event.

With over a decade of experience in coffee making and art, the owners of Latte Art Love believe coffee is a catalyst in bringing people together to spark inspirations and conversations, making it a vital element for any event.


Pop your information in here and we’ll notify you when tickets are available for the next Loft Party event

Contact Us

Elle Nguyen
Event Coordinator
(403) 879 – 2525 ext. 201

#200, 1209 First Street SW
MON – WED, FRI: 9:30 AM to 6 PM (hours may vary)
THURS: 9:30 AM to 8 PM