Wicked Wednesday: Aliens

A happy alien is a caffeinated alien, right? Freshness and preparation are not the only factors in making great coffee sketches in lattes. Proportions of ingredients play an important part, too. Elle had a little bit of trouble with this latte art – there wasn’t enough foam. You’ll notice that the lines are not as […]

Wicked Wednesday: Harley Quinn

We are back on track with our “Everyday a Latte” with today’s Wicked Wednesday coffee sketch – Harley Quinn, villain in the Batman comics. Lately, I have been making a lot of dry cappuccinos, which are extremely difficult to draw detailed art in. We have also been on break, working on the business operations of […]

Wicked Wednesday with the Riddler: Call me, maybe?

Initially, I wanted to draw the Riddler spinning his hat, but I started the drawing too close to the edge – his hat would be too off screen. So, I worked with what I drew and turned him into a flirty Riddler, inspired by the Carly Rae Jepsen chorus, “Call Me Maybe”. Coffee: Fratello Coffee […]