Mighty Monday: Storm of X-Men

Almond milk is usually a difficult medium to work with. It usually does not foam well and when it does foam, giant bubbles cover the surface! A barista cannot draw latte art if the surface is marred with big bubbles! Thanks to Allison, co-owner of Latte Art Love, we found an almond milk brand that […]

Mighty Monday: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I’m always really hesitant to do realistic art of people. I’m much more comfortable drawing anime versions – people are turned into cuter, chubbier, & more animated characters. I, however, have some leftover confidence from yesterday’s fantastic public cafe event that I decided to give it a try with today’s Mighty Monday! Here’s Buffy the […]

Mighty Monday: Avengers’ Hawkeye

I am ridiculously exhausted from packing up, setting up, tearing down, unpacking our set up at the Bridal Expo, cleaning the equipment, and then setting again in my kitchen. So, I just didn’t have the energy to set up the coffee set to take a proper photo of this latte art. This Avengers’ Hawkeye latte […]

Friday Funnies: Super Nenshi

We getting all prepped up for our event this Saturday at¬†Endeavor Arts Gallery. We are doing superhero themed latte art and got word that our city’s mayor *might* pop by. So, here’s a Super Nenshi – hopefully that’ll catch his eye ūüėÄ Original Artwork of Super Nenshi by¬†Edmonton artist, Fiona Staples Coffee: Fratello Coffee – […]

Mighty Monday: Wonder Woman

It’s Mighty Monday with with Wonder Woman! There’s actually a rosetta in the background of the chocolate sketching! I’m using a new pitcher with a more curved out spout, so the foam pours out easier than with my rigid spout pitcher. I don’t feel like I have to “throw” the foam when I’m pouring out […]