Latte Art Love - Storm of X-Men

Almond milk is usually a difficult medium to work with. It usually does not foam well and when it does foam, giant bubbles cover the surface! A barista cannot draw latte art if the surface is marred with big bubbles!

Thanks to Allison, co-owner of Latte Art Love, we found an almond milk brand that foams almost as good as REAL milk! The drawing of Storm of X-men was created on an almond milk latte!

Coffee: Fratello Coffee – Godfather

Latte Art Love - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I’m always really hesitant to do realistic art of people. I’m much more comfortable drawing anime versions – people are turned into cuter, chubbier, & more animated characters. I, however, have some leftover confidence from yesterday’s fantastic public cafe event that I decided to give it a try with today’s Mighty Monday!

Here’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer played by Sarah Michelle Gellar!

Coffee: Fratello Coffee – Godfather

Latte Art Love - Hawkeye

I am ridiculously exhausted from packing up, setting up, tearing down, unpacking our set up at the Bridal Expo, cleaning the equipment, and then setting again in my kitchen. So, I just didn’t have the energy to set up the coffee set to take a proper photo of this latte art.

This Avengers’ Hawkeye latte art was taken with my Samsung Note II – not too bad 🙂

It must be the exhaustion and disappearance of all tension – this art turned out spectacular and I was even able to squeeze in some shading 😀

Coffee: Fratello Coffee – Godfather

Latte Art Love - Iron Man

Elle is still experimenting with backgrounds and lighting for these latte art displays. She might just stick to the wood background – it’s so warm feeling!

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Latte Art - Thor

Just a quick sketch today for Mighty Monday of Thor!

Coffee: Fratello Coffee – Godfather

Latte Art - Supergirl

When I first started painting on Supergirl onto this morning’s latte, her face took up more than half the cup! You wouldn’t have been able to tell that it was Supergirl at all … so I gave up and swirled the drink around. Then, I realized that the foam was still holding up really well – maybe, I could start over?

Squealing ElleTa da! It worked out! The lines aren’t as crisp because the foam is a bit more decayed, but I could still work it!

Coffee: Fratello Coffee – Godfather

Latte Art - Super Nenshi

We getting all prepped up for our event this Saturday at Endeavor Arts Gallery. We are doing superhero themed latte art and got word that our city’s mayor *might* pop by. So, here’s a Super Nenshi – hopefully that’ll catch his eye 😀

Original Artwork of Super Nenshi by Edmonton artist, Fiona Staples

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Latte Art - The Hulk

This is pretty much how I feel when I run out of milk or coffee beans and I haven’t had my morning coffee yet… “HULK SMASH!”

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Latte Art - Sailor Mars
Initially, I was planning to draw Sailor Mercury, but her eyes came out a little too sharp. So, I transformed her into Sailor Mars instead. Well … she’s a mix of both, really.

Obviously, I am a Sailor Moon geek.

Coffee: Fratello Coffee – Godfather

Latte Art - Wonder Woman

It’s Mighty Monday with with Wonder Woman!

There’s actually a rosetta in the background of the chocolate sketching! I’m using a new pitcher with a more curved out spout, so the foam pours out easier than with my rigid spout pitcher. I don’t feel like I have to “throw” the foam when I’m pouring out latte art.

I still don’t have the smooth movements to make a rosetta perfect everything – my movements still feel like the laggy motions of a video trying to play over a super slow connection. Chug…chug…chug…smooth…chug… chug… sigh…

Do you love our Mighty Mondays! We are going to do Mighty Mondays all day on July 26th (a Saturday, hee hee) at the Endeavor Arts Pop-up Market.

You can come in and enjoy a cup of superhero themed latte art and participate in some workshops/tutorials from local makers/artists!

More info to come!

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