Friday Funnies: Sailor Moon x Garfield

Wouldn’t this be an interesting sitcom – Sailor Moon and a Garfield crossover? 😀 Our new Nuova Simonelli machines are fast … insanely fast, which makes coffee sketching even more difficult! I’m just not use to the speed of the new machines yet, so the art is coming out a little blurry … practice, practice! […]

Sailor Senshi Saturday: Super Sailor Mars

I’ve been away from the latte art creations for a while, as I work on the business operations behind Latte Art Love. I’m so excited for where we are taking Latte Art Love! There will some changes coming up and the site is going to get reno’d pretty soon as we begin to open up […]

Sailor Senshi Saturday: Sailor Mercury

I just finished watching episode two of Sailor Moon Crystal this morning and guess which Sailor Soldier is discovered? Sailor Mercury, of course! This newly discovered setting for grinding my coffee beans is absolutely perfect. The espresso comes out so smooth that I can use even less chocolate to draw my art and not worry […]

Mighty Monday: Sailor Moon

I’m experimenting with a little bit of color, but have you have tasted food coloring? Bleh! It’s actually quite bitter even when mixed with syrup, so I don’t intend to use much coloring until I can work out a proper concoction of color that won’t taste like yucky bitterness. Ah, Sailor moon. My early teen […]