TARDIS Tuesday: Doctor Who starring William Hartnell

I’m getting better at drawing out my milk foam pours into the art silhouettes before I start on the chocolate sketching. It’s super tough because I’m not good at visualizing art before I work on it. Usually, I have to do a practice cup, so I can see where every part should land in the […]

Mighty Monday: Sailor Moon

I’m experimenting with a little bit of color, but have you have tasted food coloring? Bleh! It’s actually quite bitter even when mixed with syrup, so I don’t intend to use much coloring until I can work out a proper concoction of color that won’t taste like yucky bitterness. Ah, Sailor moon. My early teen […]

Doctor Who – Sonic Screwdriver – Eleventh Doctor

I am on this HUGE Doctor Who high after I finally decided to watch the Year 2000s series. So, I began my latte art run of Doctor Who themed art! This one is a bit special. Instead of sketching in a circle of milk foam, I tried to drag the foam across the espresso to […]

Disney Princess – Snow White

I’m beginning a series on the Disney Princesses and I’m starting with Snow White. I’m getting better with drawing with milk foam after it’s been poured. It’s tricky because the milk foam isn’t as sticky or thick as the coffee foam. I can just use it for light shading. Coffee: Rosso Coffee Roasters – Two Wheel