“Thank you, Elle and crew of gals, for providing such unique drinks for our recent event! There was something for everyone, including the few kids we had in attendance. I especially heard a lot of positive feedback on the “Sweet & Dirty Mocha” from our college and university students. Personally, I enjoyed trying the various Italian sodas and “regular” lattes. Definitely would love to have you again for next year’s event.”

The Beehive Calgary

We really … really are Coffee Geeks. Elle recalibrated and deep cleaned the espresso machine last night and went to bed without having a coffee – well, because she was going to bed! Ironically, she couldn’t sleep a wink because she really, really want to have the very first last latte after the cleaning – they are always the best!

So, she got up and made this wonderful latte to thank the Queen Bee of the local business, The Beehive! Sandra of The Beehive handcrafts all out “Indulge In Coffee” bath and beauty products! Our very own coffee beans are infused into lip balms, soaps, and body scrubs – all made from natural ingredients and honey from local hives.

Sandra is passionate about her products and we are so happy to support such a great local business. Check out The Beehive in Kensington today!

Coffee: Fratello Coffee – Godfather

Latte Art Love - Storm of X-Men

Almond milk is usually a difficult medium to work with. It usually does not foam well and when it does foam, giant bubbles cover the surface! A barista cannot draw latte art if the surface is marred with big bubbles!

Thanks to Allison, co-owner of Latte Art Love, we found an almond milk brand that foams almost as good as REAL milk! The drawing of Storm of X-men was created on an almond milk latte!

Coffee: Fratello Coffee – Godfather

Latte Latte Love - Nicolas Cage

This was a a twitter request from @citrusphoto – here’s Nicolas Cage as Nicolas Caffe! I was trying to make him look overly caffeinated, but it didn’t turn out as well as I wanted ….

Coffee: Fratello Coffee – Godfather

Latte Art Love - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I’m always really hesitant to do realistic art of people. I’m much more comfortable drawing anime versions – people are turned into cuter, chubbier, & more animated characters. I, however, have some leftover confidence from yesterday’s fantastic public cafe event that I decided to give it a try with today’s Mighty Monday!

Here’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer played by Sarah Michelle Gellar!

Coffee: Fratello Coffee – Godfather

Latte Art Love - Sixth Doctor

I’m having trouble making dry lattes in my TARDIS mug … in order to be able to draw art in the TARDIS, the foam has to be minimal. For some reason, the foam separates much quickly in the TARDIS than in any other mug – that makes it very difficult to draw detailed artwork. It must be a timey wimey thing!

Today, we have the sixth Doctor Who played by Colin Baker in the TARDIS.

Coffee: Fratello Coffee – Godfather

Latte Art Love - Ash Williams of Evil Dead

Did you guess who the silhouette on our instagram channel belonged to? It was an easy one, if you’re a fan of the movie series – Evil Dead!

The latte art silhouette belonged to Ash William, protagonist of The Evil Dead franchise.

Coffee: Fratello Coffee – Godfather

Latte Art Love - Star Wars Stormtrooper

Our wedding couple sent us a few examples of what they would like on the lattes during their wedding coffee time that we are catering. I combine the examples into one super cool latte art – Rocking out Stormtrooper of Star Wars!

Coffee: Fratello Coffee – Godfather

Latte Art Love - Citrus Photography

As requested, here’s the company logo of Citrus Photography, one of our favourite photographers! Check out his work and art:

Coffee: Fratello Coffee – Godfather

Latte Art Love - My Little Pony
A request was sent in yesterday from a friend’s stepdaughter and I just loved the idea! I grew up with My Little Ponies, but I haven’t seen any of the new ones. I hope the new generation is enjoying the new reboot as much as I enjoyed the originals 😀

Coffee: Fratello Coffee – Godfather