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A Coffee Time like No Other

Latte Art LoveCOFFEE has become an integral part of bringing people together for any special occasion – be it birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, house parties, weddings, or any CELEBRATION with friends and family.

Making coffee has expanded past the simple coffee pot and has extended into a REFINEMENT and APPRECIATION of flavours from all around the world. With Latte Art Love coffee catering and espresso bar services, you can bring this part of Coffee Culture into your home or venue to share with your guests.

On top of competitively great tasting coffee, a Latte Art Love specialty drink is an unique example of FOOD ART. Our baristas can handcraft pieces of drinkable art right into every cup. Our baristas are trained to perform both classically poured latte art and coffee sketching with chocolate syrup to create CUSTOM DESIGNS to fit the theme of any event.

At your next event, have Latte Art Love coffee catering and espresso bar services serve your guests specialty drinks that will spark interesting CONVERSATIONS and create MEMORIES.

Our Coffees & Our Art

Latte Art LoveLatte Art Love

Enjoy a cup or two of our specialty coffee drinks pulled from the BEST-SELLING ESPRESSO beans from Fratello Coffee  – Godfather Espresso. Our roastery has strict standards of flavour and quality, ensuring the right beans are used to produce the PERFECT FLAVOUR PROFILE of our espresso beans. Then, a trained barista uses these quality beans are to carefully prepare specialty coffee drinks from our professional quality espresso machines at coffeehouse speeds that will satisfy the palettes of coffee lovers.

In addition to great taste and flavor, you will experience COFFEE CULTURE through our unique COFFEE ART. Enjoy either classically poured latte art or request a custom design coffee sketch made with Ghirardelli chocolate syrup, hand painted by a Latte Art Love barista.

With Latte Art Love coffee catering and espresso bar services at your event, your guests create new connections by using our crowd pleasing coffee art as CONVERSATIONAL ICE BREAKERS or start a conversation by having us design a specific concept in latte art form to share with your guests.

About Latte Art Love

Latte Art Love Pop Up Cafe is a coffee catering and espresso bar service, providing fresh specialty hot and cold drink options onsite for events in Calgary, Alberta and surrounding areas.