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specializing in coffee preparation & service

Latte Art Love is driven by our PASSION for GREAT COFFEE and our APPRECIATION OF ARTS & CULTURE. Enjoy a perfect cup of one of our specialty drinks crafted carefully by our baristas who are thoroughly trained to understand, appreciate, and perform exquisitely and artistically the craft of coffee preparation & service. When you bring Latte Art Love to your meeting or event, however, your guests will receive more than the enjoyment a hot cup of delicious coffee.

COFFEE CULTURE revolves around the concept of CONVERSATION and the EXPLORATION of ideas. People love the atmosphere of a coffeehouse because the relaxing ambiance smooths the process of making new social connections, helps build and strengthen current relationships, and inspires creativity for current and new work projects. BRING THE ATMOSPHERE of Coffee Culture without leaving the workplace by having Latte Art Love at your next meeting or function.

We are more than just coffee!

All your guests can enjoy the benefits of our Latte Art Love coffee catering & espresso bar service. Our specialty drinks can be served both HOT or COLD, whichever best fits your guests’ palettes. We also have delicious decaffeinated and non-coffee alternatives – decaf coffees, teas, tea lattes, decaf teas, hot chocolate, steamed milk – and a selection of different milk and syrup options.

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