Follow Fridays: The Beehive

We really … really are Coffee Geeks. Elle recalibrated and deep cleaned the espresso machine last night and went to bed without having a coffee – well, because she was going to bed! Ironically, she couldn’t sleep a wink because she really, really want to have the very first last latte after the cleaning – […]

Mighty Monday: Storm of X-Men

Almond milk is usually a difficult medium to work with. It usually does not foam well and when it does foam, giant bubbles cover the surface! A barista cannot draw latte art if the surface is marred with big bubbles! Thanks to Allison, co-owner of Latte Art Love, we found an almond milk brand that […]

Mighty Monday: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I’m always really hesitant to do realistic art of people. I’m much more comfortable drawing anime versions – people are turned into cuter, chubbier, & more animated characters. I, however, have some leftover confidence from yesterday’s fantastic public cafe event that I decided to give it a try with today’s Mighty Monday! Here’s Buffy the […]

Mighty Monday: Chun-Li

What’s the secret to our fantastically drawn coffee sketches? It’s all about preparation and freshness. Lattes only have a few minutes of picturesque awesomeness before the foam on top deteriorates too much to hold clear artwork, so Elle has to prep up all the supplies beforehand to make sure she can start artwork right after […]