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Tea-presso Drinks

Tea steeped to create a caffeinated shot comparable to that of espresso.

Extra espresso: $0.75 per shot
12 oz drink upgrade: $0.50
16 oz drink upgrade: $1
Add flavor syrup: $1
Alternative milk options available: Oat, Coconut, Almond

Bring her to your next event! Guests will feel extra special when you treat them to a personalized latte styled with custom latte art.

Latte Artist Service

♥ $125 + gst for the first hour ♥ includes all coffee and coffee supplies ♥ coffee menu includes silky micro-foamed lattes only ♥ 5 to 8 latte art pieces per hour ♥ requires access to electricity ♥ $45 + gst per additional hour

Barista Workshop 101

♥ $65 + gst per person ♥ 120 min interactive tutorial on latte creation & latte art practice ♥ includes one bag of coffee beans & milk for workshop ♥ hands-on tutorial with commercial grade equipment ♥ on-location tutorial and venue options available (additional fees may apply)

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