The Beehive Calgary

We really … really are Coffee Geeks. Elle recalibrated and deep cleaned the espresso machine last night and went to bed without having a coffee – well, because she was going to bed! Ironically, she couldn’t sleep a wink because she really, really want to have the very first last latte after the cleaning – they are always the best!

So, she got up and made this wonderful latte to thank the Queen Bee of the local business, The Beehive! Sandra of The Beehive handcrafts all out “Indulge In Coffee” bath and beauty products! Our very own coffee beans are infused into lip balms, soaps, and body scrubs – all made from natural ingredients and honey from local hives.

Sandra is passionate about her products and we are so happy to support such a great local business. Check out The Beehive in Kensington today!

Coffee: Fratello Coffee – Godfather

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