Mighty Monday: Chun-Li

Latte Art Love - Chun-Li

What’s the secret to our fantastically drawn coffee sketches?

It’s all about preparation and freshness. Lattes only have a few minutes of picturesque awesomeness before the foam on top deteriorates too much to hold clear artwork, so Elle has to prep up all the supplies beforehand to make sure she can start artwork right after the milk is poured into the espresso.

Freshness – it’s so, so, SO important! Fresh milk will foam smoother and fresh beans will add creamier, “oilier” crema that will keep the surface of the drink as smooth as ice. Also, fresh chocolate will allow for clearer. smoother lines and ease for shading. To top it off, a freshly clean machine will pull “cleaner” shots of espresso. All of these combined will ensure a perfect latte every time!

Artwork: Chun-li of Street Fighter

Coffee: Fratello Coffee – Godfather