Sailor Senshi Saturday: Super Sailor Mars

Latte Art - Sailor Mars

I’ve been away from the latte art creations for a while, as I work on the business operations behind Latte Art Love. I’m so excited for where we are taking Latte Art Love!

There will some changes coming up and the site is going to get reno’d pretty soon as we begin to open up the business for bookings.

In the meanwhile, here’s a remake of Sailor Mars! I was still recovering from the lack of sleep that I had last night. So, the art isn’t as smooth as I would like. The longer that I take to draw, the bubblier the lines become as more of the latte foam breaks down.

It’s actually quite amazing to watch the foam dissipate. It’s like mini earthquakes erupting on the surface of the latte!

Coffee: Fratello Coffee – Godfather