Friday Funnies: Despicable Me x Star Wars Mashup

Latte Art - Despicable Me Minion and Star Wars R2D2

OoooOoo! Who’s the new guy?

We watched the first Despicable Me movie last night just in time for a new Friday Funnies mashup idea. As an adult, the details in the storyline are a bit disturbing, but maybe we’re over-analyzing it too much LOL

The latte poured out fantastically today! I just purchased a new grinder from Fratello Coffee that punched a hole through my initial investment budget, but the change in coffee quality was drastic! It took a while to fine tune the grinder to the beans and my espresso machine – this is the first cup on the right grinder setting!

Normally, I have time to just draw one character in a cup, but look! Today, we have two characters in one cup. Both are drawn with clear, bold, dark lines.

Coffee: Fratello Coffee – Godfather