Event: First official pop up cafe event at Endeavor Arts

Photo from Endeavor Arts

We opened up to the public for our first official pop up cafe event at Endeavor Arts on June 14th, 2014 and we amazed guests with what we can do on our residential espresso machines.

The machines we used for this event included a Starbucks Sirena and a Starbucks Barista. Elle manned the espresso machines and by adjusting espresso grind amount and milk foaming techniques, she was able to serve a smooth, delicious cup of coffee every time. “It’s about understanding the medium,” says Elle.

Yeats Wong, local magician and host of A Brush with Death, was pulled in last minute as a second coffee etcher. This was his first time working with Elle as a coffee etcher. He had a bit of a nervous start but he picked up on the workflow quickly and added to the fun of the Star Wars and Doctor Who themed coffee culture.

Coffee Etches by Yeats Wong
Coffee Etches by Yeats Wong

“I had another barista booked for this event,” says Elle, “but she was away in Lethbridge and would not make it back in time for the event”. Yeats was ready to step up to the plate and test his skills at coffee etching.

Coffee etching is a tricky art. The barista has to race against the clock to create art because the milk foam continuously deflates, allowing the espresso colouring to fall through and fade away. Also, the barista has to understand how to place and pull color on milk foam. “Yeats is a natural artist and understands that different mediums require different techniques and he adapted much more quickly than I expected”.

Preparing drinks and drawing art into those cups takes time, but the art exhibit of Endeavor Arts kept the guests entertained. The works of Tammy Fischer were on display and the artist herself was on location demonstrating her painting techniques. In addition, the gallery had beautiful displays of laser cut and 3D printed jewelry.

Endeavor Arts gave me a huge opportunity to make Latte Art Love known to the community”, says Elle, “I can’t thank them enough”.

Elle will continue working with Endeavor Arts to “build community through pop up culture and enrich urban life” with a unique coffee experience.

Macarons from Yann Haute Patisserie
Macarons from Yann Haute Patisserie

The night was made sweeter with delicious gluten-free macarons provided by Yann Haute Patisserie. The sweets were a perfect match with the coffee and our guests were left with wantings for more.

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