Hello, Sweetie – Flirty Smile

Latte Art - Doctor Who - Professor River Song

I’m back to Doctor Who themed latte art again! This morning’s food art is River Song.

I had a message come through saying that 3D latte art doesn’t mean that the milk is terrible – I’m just doing it wrong and I should be using skim milk because I would get more foam. I already knew the results of this argument. After all, I did work in a cafe before and made over 50+ lattes and drinks everyday during my time there.

But … results seem louder than internet flaming 😀 So, off I went to buy skim milk.

I steamed a pitcher of it this morning without much effort and the foam that developed looked like dishwater bubbles. Yes, I could create shaped art with this bubbly mess and it would take a bit longer for the shapes to flatten out … but it’s “CRUNCHY” bubbles!! Yes, technically the milk foam did not taste bad. In fact, the foam was tasteless, but it was not smooth at all – none of that yummy whipped cream kind of feel. So, down the sink it went!

Ok, concentrating a bit more, I steamed the milk to create micro-foamed milk, smooth and creamy from beginning to end – NO BIG BUBBLES. Surprise, surprise – I couldn’t sustain shapes with this microfoam milk – the shapes immediately start to sink into the coffee – but the texture was creamy smooth and actually sweet.

So, the choice is do you want something that is NOT BAD or do you want something that is SMOOTH AND SWEET?

Coffee: Rosso Coffee Roasters – Rwanda (Kivu Kanzu, Bourbon, Washed espresso beans)