Don’t Blink

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We’ve been planning to make the Weeping Angel for a bit now – one of our favourite Doctor Who adversaries. I wanted to make a creation video and my partner wanted to add some drama to the video.

So, I attached my Nikon camera to a remote shutter button and lit the stage with a full spectrum bulb. I marked the cup placement with tape and I began the process. The first angel turned out great, but the second one was too faint – I ran out of grinds!! I didn’t even have enough grinds for a single shot – my lattes are usually two shot coffees.

Latte Art - Doctor Who - The Weeping Angel

You make have seen a flash of her somewhere in the video, but in the end, the angel was remade.

Latte Art - Doctor Who - The Weeping Angel

Scarier, right?!

Coffee: Fratello Coffee – Godfather