Doctor Who – Zygon

Updated: Remaking the Zygon with Ghirardelli Chocolate (October 2014)
Latte Art Love - Zygon

Painting with chocolate has given us much more freedom in art than pouring allows for. Coffee lovers have an easier time distinguishing iconic characters and artwork, compared to classic milk pouring and espresso foam painting.

Last Updated: May 2014
Latte Art - Doctor Who - The Zygon

I finally finished the Doctor Who series and watched the 50th anniversary movie last night! I just LOVE this series and will be working on getting all of Doctor Who on Blu-ray.

I’m attempted another silhouette coffee etch – where I spend the time to pour the milk foam into the specific shape of the art that I’m drawing. It’s bloody tough! I’m having issues controlling the size – this one is a bit to small, so the details inside are a bit difficult to distinguish.

Today’s latte art is a Zygon!

Coffee: Fratello Coffee – Godfather