Do not fear … You will be upgraded!

Latte Art - Doctor Who - Cyberman

The Cybermen are one of my favorite adversaries in Doctor Who – a race who strives to become perfect, favouring intelligence and the removal of fear. How awesome is that?! Ha, ha!

I love their weakness as well – “The Cybermen … they blew up. We blew them up with love.” (Doctor Who, 2011, Episode 12)

This art is actually a few minutes old. I didn’t realize that my camera had ran out of batteries. So, I was running around the house, trying to find a charged replacement battery. The art kept well because the espresso and the milk poured out great today. I also used just espresso foam for drawing the art.

When I use espresso liquid (not foam) to created darker lines, the art sinks in faster. The liquid is great for shading and such, but I try to avoid it as much as I can, so the art keeps for longer.

Coffee: Rosso Coffee Roasters – Rwanda (Kivu Kanzu, Bourbon, Washed espresso beans)