The Idea

CCEE 2014 - Matt Smith
While waiting in line to take a picture with Matt Smith (Doctor Who), my throat became so parched and my body grew exceedingly exhausted. I had waited for two and a half hours before I saw his smiling face.

I needed coffee and then I remembered the cute latte art that I created a few days ago – a chibi-sized Eleventh Doctor wearing a fezz. I giggled and my mood lightened. Then, I wondered…

Is there any coffee like mine at the Expo?

Would you be able to order a latte with geek latte art and warm your heart up with this little wonder? My chips are on “no”.

That’s when I started obsessing …

I sat down and scribbled all my ideas on paper, worked out the numbers, and picked out the right equipment and supplies to build a portable coffee shop – Latte Art Love was born.