Throwback Thursday: A Flying Unicorn

Latte Art - Unicorn
About a year ago, my work schedule changed from day to night to accommodate for my hubby’s new work schedule. Calgary was just hit with a massive natural disaster that filled our downtown core with gallons and gallons of river water. Trucks and cars actually floated away! My hubby was working around the clock in Calgary’s Traffic Management Centre to pull together all of the resources available to get Calgary operational again.

People were evacuated and the city recovered from the giant flood in seven days, allowing businesses to return to the downtown core and catch up on their operations. Due to the city’s quick response, out of the 15, 000 businesses that were closed, less than 100 businesses closed permanently. Usually 40% of businesses affected by a flood never open again, but Calgary had over 99% of business recovery. Go, Calgary!

When you only get two hours of sleep everyday, the best thing your loved ones can do is to make the transition from work to home every day easier. I slept and woke up when he did, pushed him out the door with breakfast, snacks, and whatever he needed to ease whatever stress I could. I made myself as available as I could, just in case he needed to call me in to the office for anything … and somehow, I still managed to make time for latte art, too!

Coffee: Caffe Rosso – Two Wheel